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Chitrakalaimanram & Vazhavoor Style

  Chitrakalaimanram propagates the Vazhuvoor style of Bharathanatyam. Elegance and grace are the hallmark of this style which originated in the village of Vazhuvoor. It was made popular by Vazhuvoor Ramaihpillai who was the first from this tradition to move to Chennai – the city with most Bharathanatyam activity in India. Popular dancers such as Vidhya Subramaniyam, along with Kamala Lakshman, Padma Subramaniyam, Chitra Viswesvaran have increased the exposure of this style. Especially in Sri Lanka “Kalabhooshanam” Shrimathy Thiripurasundari Yoganantham also learnt Bharathanatyam under the able guidance of the famous late “Natya KalaKesari”, “Isai Perarignar” “Padmashri” Vazhuvoor B.Ramaiah Pillai. and its very fortunate that Smt. Jeyachitra Sivamyooran founder Chitrakalaimanram learnt this divine art from the Legend in Sri Lanka “Kalabhooshanam” Shrimathy Thiripurasundari Yoganantham  

Vazhavoor Style

  The Vazhuvoor style is accredited with introducing the aspect of entering from the wings as opposed of starting a dance piece on stage. The dance steps are crisp and intricate but combined with grace beautiful eye movements. Poses are often introduced in the dance pieces especially in the Thillana to add space in time. The Jatis or Nritta units have more Korvais (Gaps) than usual to add a sense of time being suspended giving the dance an exciting quality. The body from the waist up is slanted slightly forward to give more dimension to the body. The Adavus or dance units are done smoothly without too many jerky movements to give an impression of effortlessness and elegance and beautiful leaps mark every Jati. The hands, eyes and expressions are used in unison to express emotions eloquently. Lasya (Grace) is predominant in this style. Traditionally, a performance in the Vazhuvoor style begins with a Thodaya Mangalam in praise of Lord Gnana Sabesar of Vazhuvoor. 

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